Renplan have been commissioned to take forward a portfolio of Peak Power Generation (a.k.a. STOR) developemnts into planning

In partnership with a major energy developer, Renplan has been commissioned to prepare and submit a number of Peak Power Generation (PPG) developments across the United Kingdom. These developments are very similar to that of Short Term Operational Reserve (STOR) developments. They provide installed back up generation capacity to the National Grid as emergency cover in times of peak energy demand.

The National Grid is currently making contingent measures for potential future uncertainties in power supply throughout the United Kingdom. These PPG developments are essential infrastructure that will minimise the risks of future ‘black-outs’; particularly at a time when renewable energy developments are being phased in as an energy source to replace that of burning fossil fuels. Prevailing renewable developments cannot currently offer a guaranteed continuous supply of energy.

5 planning applications have already been submitted by Renplan for these developments. A further 10 are expected to be submitted during 2016.