10 Hill Road, Worle

Planning permission has been granted for a single detached dwelling on a backland development plot in Worle. The constraints of the site was the relationship of the surrounding dwellings with that which was being proposed and therefore a carefully single storey dwelling with accommodation within the roof ensured that a proposal was deemed acceptable by the local planning authority North Somerset Council and planning permission was granted.

In partnership with a major energy developer, Renplan has been commissioned to prepare and submit a number of Peak Power Generation (PPG) developments across the United Kingdom. These developments are very similar to that of Short Term Operational Reserve (STOR) developments. They provide installed back up generation capacity to the National Grid as emergency cover in times of peak energy demand.

The National Grid is currently making contingent measures for potential future uncertainties in power supply throughout the United Kingdom. These PPG developments are essential infrastructure that will minimise the risks of future ‘black-outs’; particularly at a time when renewable energy developments are being phased in as an energy source to replace that of burning fossil fuels. Prevailing renewable developments cannot currently offer a guaranteed continuous supply of energy.

5 planning applications have already been submitted by Renplan for these developments. A further 10 are expected to be submitted during 2016.

Renplan has secured planning permission for a 500kW wind turbine in South Kesteven District. An original appeal submission against the local authority’s refusal was dismissed by an Appeal Inspector in January 2015. The decision was flawed and as such a High Court Challenge lodged. The High Court quashed the Inspector’s decision which meant the proposal had to be redetermined by the Inspectorate. This week saw the redetermination decision which grants planning permission for the 500kW turbine.

The flaws of the original appeal determination was that the Inspector had failed to correctly account for the environmental benefits of the proposal and had also failed to even consider the issue of Ministry of Defence radar.

On redetermination, these matters were properly accounted for in the Inspector’s decision with planning permission being granted accordingly.

A long haul battle with a happy ending!

Renplan has secured planning permission for a 225kW wind turbine which will deliver renewable energy to a thriving dairy farming business in North Wales. The local planning authority had refused planning permission for the proposal siting landscape and proportionality reasons for refusing the proposals. An appeal was lodged by Renplan; who also managed the planning application. The Appeal Inspector resolved to agree with the case of the appellant and allowed permission accordingly.

Wind North Wales


Renplan have secured planning permission for a 20mW Peak Power Generation project in Northamptonshire. The development (which is similar to that of a ‘Short Term Operational Reserve’; ‘STOR’ project) is an integral part of a larger Energy Park project encompassing wind and solar farms. The project will act as a backup of power supply in times of peak demand on the National Grid.

Renplan is proud to announce planning permission granted for a 5MW solar development in Gloucestershire. Within close proximity to the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), careful regard was needed to ensure the proposed development was well sited and well screened. A suitable position, well screened from the AONB by a railway embankment and vegetation cover in between helped minimise visual impacts. The proposal gained a good level of community support and only three resident objections being received to the planning application.

This development makes a significant valuable contribution towards compliance with the country’s legal obligations to reduce our CO2 footprint. The amount of renewable energy being produced by the development will be approximately the equivalent required to power each of the residences within the Parish (approximately 1,200 homes).

Actrees Solar

Renplan, acting on behalf of First Renewable, have secured planning permission for the solar development of the former Asfordby Colliery, Leicestershire. The development will provide approximately 9MW of energy that will serve sufficient power to serve approximately 2,000 homes. The land is a former open cast coal mine and this renewable energy development was passed by the local planning authority without public objection and with a level of community support including support by the local Parish Council.


Asfordby 2

Renplan is proud to have been instrumental in securing a grant of a Certificate of Lawfulness of land for residential use. The land adjoins the settlement of Langford Budville in Somerset and has previously been recognised by the local planning authority as agricultural land. However, having been used by our client for 10 years in association with a residential use, evidence was put forward to Taunton Deane Borough Council to justify a case in support of the Certificate being granted.

Renplan have secured planning permission for a 80kW wind turbine at Haydon Farm, North Cornwall. Being ‘theoretically’ visible from the Coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the North Cornwall Heritage Coastline, the planning application had to carefully consider the landscape impacts of the proposal and the importance of protecting local residential amenities whilst balancing these against the need to ensure suitable site conditions to maximise the harnessing of the average wind speeds of the farm.

Haydon Farm

Renplan have secured planning permission for a 100kW wind turbine on land at Chittlehampton Farm, Torridge. The turbine will provide a valuable contribution towards the farmer’s farm diversification aspirations and help reduce his CO2 footprint as a business; something the farming community is now being assessed against.